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31. März 2008, 1:18 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

Does dancing make a difference?

Do politicians and journalists need to convince by dancing? Presumably not. Nevertheless: there must be something behind comparing the two. That is at least what we can deduce from watching the Ellen DeGeneres show these days.

Every guest at „Ellen“ has to dare a few dancing steps while entering the studio. That’s fun most of the times for the people watching. And often it’s fun for Ellen, too. It might have been different when TV host and journalist Chris Matthews from MSNBC („Hardball“) came to participate in her show last week. Not just that it was a pain for everybody’s eyes to see him stumble awkwardly into the studio. He then grabbed Ellen, threw her around and finally tossed her away after having realized that there was no way of transfering these epileptic moves into a ballroom dance.

What a difference did Barack Obama make! He entered the studio by some elegant moves on the stairs as if he had ever done nothing else but dancing. It is just a pleasure watching him with a feeling for his body and the right moves to make. A colleague from Germany immediately fell in love with him after she had seen the video. And for Ellen it was apparently fun, too.

So there are different ways of making the right moves in journalism and politics and dancing might be one of them. In this case it is almost impossible to juxtapose the two. It would appear like a comparison of a bad workout and a piece of performing art.

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  1. 31. März 2008, 20:51 Uhr, von Angela

    Thank you, Sophia and Janna!

  2. 31. März 2008, 21:02 Uhr, von Walter

    We have the rare and privileged opportunity here to practice, Angela. We could simply try.

  3. 31. März 2008, 21:20 Uhr, von Annika

    Thanks, pkwler!! Ellen’s analysis is too funny. Brilliant.

    On the whole „change“ campaign obsession:

    Got some spare change?

  4. 31. März 2008, 21:40 Uhr, von Clö

    Who’s the better dancer?

  5. 31. März 2008, 21:50 Uhr, von Angela

    Pkwler, I have just seen the video, it’s great!

    Dankeschön Walter.

  6. 31. März 2008, 21:56 Uhr, von Anna

    @pkwler: Way to go! Thanks for the post! Dang, she’s gorgeous! :D Her, pulling out that pointer … priceless!

    @Angela et al.: Keep it coming! And no worries, there are no mistakes – just innovative solutions to regular problems ;).
    I guess if I had to post in Chinese, I’d have the same concerns ;).

  7. 31. März 2008, 22:00 Uhr, von Mesm

    …..a comment about the language issue……normally it only takes a short while when there is a new posting from the blog-owner before everyone are up-an-going………it is a little different these days and some bloggers texts are shorter :-))

    I can only say – just do it – even if you don’t feel that your English is perfect. (Being a Dane, mine is certainly not).

    Sorry for the introductions in Danish….

    And this guy – huuuuu…..“hydi-bydi-hydy?….but his loveable…

  8. 31. März 2008, 22:00 Uhr, von Angela

    This motivate, thank you too, Anna.

  9. 31. März 2008, 22:01 Uhr, von Fabian

    pkwler!!! Ist das herrlich, ich habe soooo gelacht! :-D thanks a lot!!! @ Sophia: Speedy and funny times in here, indeed. I just love it that way – I wonder if somebody said that before … ;-)

  10. 31. März 2008, 22:04 Uhr, von Fabian

    Why isn’t such a thing possible in germany? It’s all so boring here! :-(

  11. 31. März 2008, 22:06 Uhr, von Angela

    („motivates“, sorry, good evening!)

  12. 31. März 2008, 22:12 Uhr, von Annika

    Is there that kind of daytime TV in Germany? Daily afternoon talkshows like Ellen’s where celebrities appear and sometimes politicians?

  13. 31. März 2008, 22:21 Uhr, von Gesine

    For all interested ppl from Germany or elsewhere outside the US: There is a podcast called „The Ellen DeGeneres Show In a Minute“ on iTunes. It’s hilarious, they sum up the daily show in one or two minutes, it’s really worth watching.
    By the way, Ellen also had Hillary on her show and she didn’t move at all ;-)

  14. 31. März 2008, 22:32 Uhr, von Clö

    Simply take part in the blog, Angela. It’s works, you wil see. We all are not perfect. What a pitty, if we couldn’t take part on your mind.

  15. 31. März 2008, 22:38 Uhr, von Sophia

    I just watched the video and thought: good thing I didn´t try to eat this time…
    (thanks to pkwler)

  16. 31. März 2008, 22:40 Uhr, von Hanna

    Here is the clip of Cate Blanchett on Ellen:

    The „flight“ starts at around 7.45, just in case you cannot stand watching Cate for so long… or are out of Kleenex. (Sorry, Anna, just DON’T click ;-) )

  17. 31. März 2008, 22:52 Uhr, von pkwler

    Y’all very welcome (to say it in Ellen’s trademark Southern style)

    If dancing was to be a decisive factor in politics, do we have to expect a Heide Simonis comeback?

    (cf. Dancing with the Stars)

  18. 31. März 2008, 22:59 Uhr, von Cate

    Oh oh, seems like I’m re-offend… The best part is Cate with the ‚wants to be scottish but turns out to be indian‘ accent in the plane: „I don’t know where we’re going…“
    In fact, this movie was (in original) the hardest thing for me ever, cause I’m upon this falling for Cate an absolute fan of the Hepburns. Both! ;o)

  19. 31. März 2008, 23:02 Uhr, von Cate

    No, but maybe Andrea Ypsilanti turns out to be the next dancing queen. Isn’t that the usual career after all of this??

  20. 31. März 2008, 23:06 Uhr, von Cate

    (I watched Katharine Hepburn movies in original versions, when I wasn’t even able to understand them yet. To declare one thing: K. Hepburn is THE woman and forever will she be that in my eyes!)

  21. 31. März 2008, 23:07 Uhr, von Cate

    (I have to add: at no matter what age!)

  22. 1. April 2008, 7:54 Uhr, von Fabian

    Sophia :-D I’m so glad to share the title „running gagmaster“ now with you ;-)

  23. 6. April 2008, 0:36 Uhr, von martina

    just very cool Mrs.Ellen!like eache VIP woman :)))


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