3. Mai 2008, 22:04 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

Memory of world’s end

After waking up early in the morning the sunlight pouring into my room through I take a glance trough the thin panes of the windows at this little town. There is nobody on the streets and I can't even see a car. The one ... weiterlesen...

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3. Mai 2008, 4:47 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

An itsy bitsy spy there

We are entering surveillance society. Just take a taxi from the San Francisco Airport and you will discover a little camera in the front of the car that films you all the way downtown to your hotel. On the side window a warning sign says: "You are on camera" and the system is ironically called "silent witness".It might be silent but it ... weiterlesen...

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2. Mai 2008, 4:10 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

Out of print?

newsstand.jpg I am familiar with quite a variety of arguments the newspaper business imposes on itself to commit suicide fearing dead. Decline of circulation, decline of market shares, the movement of advertising revenues from print to online, the fading of a whole industry. These dark visions are discussed all over the world. But the most depressive part of the discussion seems to be eminent in the U.S. Talking to a former editor of one of the bigger East ... weiterlesen...

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1. Mai 2008, 0:24 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

Google you genome

milken-genoms.jpg To get involved into small talk rounds at the Milken Institute's Global Conference during lunch or a reception there is one very popular question that immediately triggers conversation: "Have you had your personal genetic code analyzed yet?" The personal genome is one of the most requested and discussed piece of information these days. Firms like „23 and me" or „Navigenics" offer the service of analyzing it for about 2.500 US$ (the yearly update adds up to an extra ... weiterlesen...

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