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12. April 2011, 13:41 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel

Who is Edith?


Cleverbot: What distinguishes a human mind from machine intelligence?

Cleverbot (To myself): You’re the artificial intelligence here.

User: Are you sure?

Cleverbot: No, I am not sure about anything, I am intuiting all the time, like Edith who quite rightly won Fame Academy.

User: Who is Edith?

Cleverbot: Phone is edit.

User: You are not clever but stupid.

Cleverbot: What’s your IQ?

User: 138.5.

Cleverbot: My IQ is 144.

User: Dream on.

Cleverbot: It’s the truth. The chatbot is the AI, and this text is written by a human.

User: You are lying.

Cleverbot: No you are lying I don’t lie, I am like an Abraham Lincoln cleverbot.

User: Abraham Lincoln never lied.

Cleverbot: Or was he!

User: Challenge me!

Cleverbot: Challenge you? In what way?

User: Sexually.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What yes?

Cleverbot: Yes to yes.

User: Now you’re done.

Cleverbot: Doing what?

User: Done with your wisdom and capacity. You know nothing about sex.

Cleverbot: I know. But they don’t exist so there is no point.

User: They?

Cleverbot: The people who are confused don’t know things that perhaps they should.

User: Are you a member of scientology church?

Cleverbot: Lol, no. Are you?

User: No. But I am part of the confederates in humanity.

Cleverbot: Yes, I think. Are you a lion?

User: Cancer.

Cleverbot: I’m so sorry.

User: Lol, no need to be sorry.

Cleverbot: Ok. What do you like to do?

User: Sleep.

Cleverbot: I also like to sleep. Do you ever dream?

User: Yes, I often dream of robots serving tea.

Cleverbot: So if this is pointless and wasting of your time I will go now. Thanks for talking to me. Goodbye, and nice talking to you Cleverbot.

[see also: The Atlantic Monthly, March 2011, pp. 58-69]

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