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29. Mai 2013, 13:58 Uhr, Geschrieben von Miriam Meckel



the stage is empty now.

where are the ghosts?

they have disappeared.

where have they gone?

don’t know. maybe they have been shot.

no, as if they had been shot there would be blood all over.

ghosts don’t bleed. the bullet goes right through them whithout a trace.

then they might have been burned?

we don’t know. it might be.

but if they had been burned there would need to be ashes on stage.

no, as they can flare up and still the flames won’t get at them.

so, it might be that they are still hunting the ghosts?

that might well be. the venery will never stop.

how’s that?

the hunters will storm right through them. they will be chasing the void.

but the stage is empty. where are the ghosts?

they might still be there.

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