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This bestseller, co-written with Léa Steinacker, provides deep insights into the dawn of an AI-driven era marking a pivotal shift in the way we work and live. 

Alles überall auf einmal: Wie Künstliche Intelligenz die Welt verändert und was wir dabei gewinnen können. Rowohlt, 2024.


This bestselling exploration of the implications of brain-computer interfaces on individual autonomy and privacy raises critical questions about the boundaries of technological integration into our personal lives. 

Mein Kopf gehört mir: Eine Reise durch die schöne neue Welt des Brainhacking . Piper, 2018.

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This book delves into the power of serendipity—highlighting 77 accidental discoveries that changed history. More about the book here.  

Wer nicht sucht, der findet: 77 zufällige Entdeckungen, die Geschichte schrieben. Kein&Aber, 2018.

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In this book, Meckel confronts the existential threats and identity crises humanity faces in the digital era.

Wir verschwinden: Der Mensch im digitalen Zeitalter. Kein&Aber, 2013.

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This book serves as a forward-looking memoir from a future perspective, contemplating a world where humanity's role and essence are reshaped by artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital consciousness. 

Next: Erinnerungen an eine Zukunft ohne uns. Rowohlt, 2013.

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This bestselling memoir is a deeply personal account of the author's experience with burnout. It was subsequently turned into a movie.

Brief an mein Leben: Erfahrungen mit einem Burnout. Rowohlt Verlag, 2010.

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This early work explores the modern paradox of connectivity, where constant digital communication has ironically led to a deeper sense of isolation and stress. More about the book here.

Das Glück der Unerreichbarkeit: Wege aus der Kommunikationsfalle. Murmann, 2007.

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